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A Christian Response to Pandemic
A New York parent wants to marry their child
Am I Willing to Take a Stand
An Impossible Goal
Anointed for Burial
Another use of the word Faith in the Bible
At-home abortions harm U.K. women
“By Scripture alone! By grace alone! By faith al
Baptism has a daily use in a Christian's life
Black Souls Matter
Bulletin Article Heaven
Christ is our Great High Priest
Christ the Saviour is Born
Christ's Church will endure forever
Christian Parenting in the Social Media Age
COVID-19 and the Church
Do Not Be Deceived
Do Not Look Within Yourself
Elephant Trunks
Family Worship
Fellowship and the Sacrament
Fight the Good Fight
Gay Men's Choir
Genesis 3:16
God Encourages us to do Good Works
God's Powerful Word
Good Intentions
Good Works glory God and serve our Neighbour
He really can mean it
Holy Trinity
How Does Faith Give Freedom?
Indian Court Orders15yr old Must Abort Baby
Inter-Faith Prayers for the Pandemic to Cease?
Is fake news fake news
Is God Fair
Jesus is our King
Jesus is the Good Shepherd
Jesus’ kingdom of grace is His rule in the heart
Keeping the Unity of the Spirit through the Bond o
Life - Discovered on Venus!
Methodist Church splits
Our Faith begins and grows by thw Word
Our God is the One True God
Parish Letter regarding Services
Pope Francis and the Flood
Prayers, Thoughts and Good Vibes
Psalm 90
Reason for the Season
Reverend: The "Meaning of Easter" is "We can save
Saving Faith Rests on Jesus Christ Alone
Scripture distinguishes between Antichrists
Smart phones and the death of conversation
The God of our Salvation
The Gospel dies with the Supper
The human race has one head
The Relatuionship between Church Member and Pastor
The Resurrection is a True Fact
The Season of Light
The True Church
We wait for Jesus to Return
Where is God in Tragedy
Who is Joel Osteen?
Worship on Earth as in Heaven
Would you be willing to stand?
++Forgiveness belongs to Us
..God instituted Marriage
All Saints Day
Amos's Vision of the Plumb-line
Christ is Coming again for the Final Judgment
Christ's followers bear the Cross
Christianity is the Absolute Religion
Christians and Politics
Confession between Christians
God is Love
God Preserves Christians in Faith in Jesus
God Remembers His People
Good Works are not necessary.........
Historical Accounts of Jesus' Miracles
How Long?
How to Kill a Church in a few easy Steps
Is Chocolate Going Extinct
Jesus is God
Jesus Rejected at Galilee
Jesus was Risen from the Dead
Jimmy Carter: Would Jesus Approve of Gay Marriage
LAtest LCA vote on Women's Ordination
Listen to the Word of the Lord
Marriage Ordained by God
Martin Luther on John 3
Our Only Comfort
Push for Legalised Abortion in Queensland
Real Christians
Rejoice in the LORD!
Spiritual & Bodily Demonic Possession
The Athanasian Creed
The Benediction of the Lord
The Bible is Sufficient
The Bible is the only Source and Standard for
The Bible speaks with the Authority of God
The Bodily Benefit
The Family
The Goodness of the LORD
The Hermeneutic of Harm
The Incarnation
The Last Day and Final Judgment
The Lies of Satan
The Lord finds Us
The need and answering of Prayer
The Queensland Government's Abortion Law
The Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead
The Sin Against the Holy Spirit
The Triumphal Entry
The Visit of the Magi
The Work of Christ
Though Invisible, the Church is not Un-Noticeable
Watch out for False Teachers
We need to write to former MP, Philip Ruddock
All Christians are Ambassadors for Christ
Are3 You Concerned at what Your Church Teaches
BAPTISM - The Promise of Salvation is for All
Because He Lives
Children of God !!!
Eternal Life
Future Glory
God alone gets the Credit
God disciplines, Satan tempts
God instituted Marriage
God Said
God the Son in the Old Testament
Halal Certification
I Do Not Do What I Want To Do
I will put my SPIRIT in you
In Christ We are Victorious
Jesus begins to Preach
Jesus casts out a demon
Jesus Conversation with Nicodemus
Jesus Presented in the Temple
Jesus Rises from the Dead
Let us Lift up the Cup of Salvation
Let's Count the Days
O Lord, how splendid is Your Name
Our Help comes from the Lord
Our Saviour, Jesus
Part ONE - God's Word, or the Government's
Part TWO....God's Word or the Governments....
Peace be with You
Power Rangers Movie
Reflexions on Year 2017
Some Thoughts on Jesus' Transfiguration
The 12 Disciples
The Answers are found in God
The Augsburg Confession
The Creator in the Manger
The Final Judgement
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Last Day and Final Judgement
The Lord Blesses the Redeemed
The Message of Salvation to All
The Ordination of Women
The Priesthood of the Baptised
The Principle of Scripture
The Servant of the Lord
Three Misconceptions about Christmas
Transplanted Hearts
True Fasting
True Ministers are Builders of God's Temple
Until You Get The Answer You Want - the ordinati
Water from the Rock
We Cannot Speak of God......
Why the odds favour Islam
..A Depressing Book
2016 - Be a man and teach your child
2016 - God is in Control
2016 - Jesus as a young boy
2016 - Jesus Rejected at Nazareth
2016 - Other Religious Writings
2016 - Recent Events in Orlando Florida
2016 - Sinners are reconneted
2016 - We approach God in prayer
Creating Life in the Lab
Fellowship Announcement
From Suffering to Joy
Funeral Songs I wouldn't be caught Dead Singing
Gay Rights Activists bully
Here we Stand
Jacob's wrestle with God
Jesus at a Pharasee's House
Jesus seeks us out
Let's Count the Days !
Marriage will Last
Not the Spirit of Christmas
Our Impenetrable Fortress
Prayer for State and Nation
Recent Archaeological Dig
Relationship of the Resurrection to other Doctrine
Resurrection or Rapture
Ride on to Die
Should Doctors be forced to kill People
Sinners are Reconnected to God
Some Surprises as to who will Inherit Heaven
Spreading Pro.Life Alternatives a crime in France
Tempted, Repentant and Forgiven
The Day of the Lord
The Death of Moses
The Faith of the Centurian
The Festival of All Saints
The God of Open Options
The Great and Powerful Me
The Holy Spirit will Intercede
The Latest on our Seminary Student
The Narrow Road
The Night is Nearly Over
The Peace that comes from God
The Righteouis will live by his Faith
The Ruling Peace of Christ
The Secret of Church Growth
The World's Largest Atheist Party
Things Happen for a Reason
We Celebrate Easter every Sunday
We Must Love Jesus more than Anything
We will Eat and Drink
Woe to the Complacent
2015 - The Faith of the Centurian
2015 - A Prayer for Wisdom
2015 - A Saint is anyone who is led by the spirit
2015 - And you Forgave the Guilt of my Sin
2015 - Are Horoscopes Harmless
2015 - Christians should insist that their Pastors
2015 - Commandments of God and Traditions of Men
2015 - Families are close to God's Heart
2015 - Fear Not
2015 - Gay Marreiage (again!)
2015 - Global Warming
2015 - God's Children
2015 - Groan
2015 - He who has the Son has life.
2015 - He ascended TOi FILL EVERYTHING
2015 - HE IS RISEN !
2015 - How to deal with one another -
2015 - Introduction to the Small Catechism
2015 - Is Jesus welcome at you Church
2015 - Isaiah said these things....
2015 - Jairus's daughter is raised from the dead
2015 - Jesus Christ, our High Priest
2015 - Jesus has Compassion
2015 - Jesus, the Good Shepherd
2015 - Let not your heart be troubled
2015 - Life of Thanksgiving
2015 - Lord Lord
2015 - Marriage
2015 - Only Faith in Christ saves
2015 - Peace on earth
2015 - Perspective
2015 - The Baptism of Jesus
2015 - The Epiphany
2015 - The Heavenly Father Rejoices
2015 - The life of thanksgiving
2015 - The Lord is our righteouness
2015 - The People reject Christ
2015 - The Rainbow - God's Covenant
2015 - The Reformation of Penance
2015 - The Result of Sin
2015 - The Widow
2015 - Trouble Ahead
2015 - Unbelieving Friends
2015 - Walking in the Light as Christians
2015 - What is Pentecost all about
2015 - Who do I Vote For
2015 - Why are your days so filled with drudgery
2016 - Marriage