29 October



Sunday, 29th November

8.30am OAK LR

8.30am TMBA LR

9.00am GRN LR

9.30am AUB LR

9.00am LOWOOD HC

Sunday, 6th December

8.30am OAK HC

8.30am TMBA LR

9.30am AUB LR

10.00am GRN HC

9.00am MINDEN LR

Sunday, 13th December

8.30am OAK LR

9.00am GRN LR

8.30am TMBA HC (Children’s Christmas Program)

10.30am AUB HC (Children’s Christmas Program)


7.30pm Carols Evening at Greenwood

Sunday, 20th December

8.30am TMBA LR

9.30am AUB LR

10.00am OAK/GRN Children’s Christmas Program

6.30pm MARBURG Children’s Christmas Program

***Please note that services can change, depending on any further restrictions being placed on places of worship by the government during covid 19. If any decisions are made which will affect our services, I shall let everyone know.

Other Notices

Sunday 29th November, A meeting will be held for the members of St John's Minden immediately after service  Members, please attend if you can.

Pastor is taking holidays in November, and will be way for Sunday the 8, 15, 22 of November.If there is an emergency, contact him on 0407 583 922

Wednesday, 2nd December, 10am  Women's Guild at pastor's place. 

Opening Devotion: Julie Zischke. Key Word: Lift. Item of Interest: Something beginning with "Y."  We shall then go to the Wilsontom Hotel for a breakup lunch.  Bookings need to be made, so please let pastor know before the 23 November if you are coming along.  Please bring a Christmas gift to the value of $5-10.

The ULMA has formally received an application for membership from Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jackson, Michigan. The ULMA have had contact off and on with Faith for some time. Since the AELC is in fellowship with ULMA, we need to look at Faith’s doctrinal statements. Information may be found at www.faithlutheranofjackson.com. However, as you leave, please take with you copies of their Constitution and Bylaws, and A Brief Summary of Christian Doctrine. Faith’s pastor, Ross Mahan has received a copy of the AELC Statement of Faith and is aware of our fellowship with ULMA. If any congregations have questions, or after reading their statements seek clarification, please let Pastor Ziebell know. My next Skype call with the ULMA will be on Friday the 18th of December where discussion will be held on Faith’s application, so if there are any questions, etc., please let me know before this date.

Bible Studies:


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