Announcements for week Beginning 14 July 2019
4 Pentecost
14 July
Darling Downs Parish
9.30am OAK LR Mission Day Service

The next youth group will be held on Friday the 12th of July from 6pm to 8pm at Kloud9ine. The cost is $15 for the two-hour session. Please turn up 15 minutes before to book in.

Bible Studies: Friday, 12 July, Greenwood; Friday,19 July, Aubigny/Oakey at Aubigny; Sunday, 21 July, Toowoomba.

Marburg Parish
10.00am Marburg HC AELC Mission Day Service

Thursday, 25 July, 10.00am. Bible Study at Lowood. Please bring along something for a shared lunch.

posted by AELC - 02-06-2019