Announcements for week Beginning 24 March 2019
24 March
8.30am OAK HC
8.30am TMBA LR
9.30am AUB LR
10.00am GRN HC

20 March
7.30pm TMBA Vespers

On the 9th of March, the Youth Group had a movie night, where we watched “A matter of Faith”, which was about a girl going to University and being influenced by an atheist professor, whom her father then debated to defend the faith.

The next youth group will be held on Monday the 15th of April.  It will be a Barbeque at Cressbrook Dam from 11:30am. Please bring your own stuff for the barbeque.

24 March
9.00am Marburg HC

Next mid week Bible Study is on March 21st at 10am at Pastors house in the air conditioning.

posted by AELC - 08-02-2019